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    Our 8th grade students visited St. Pius X High School last week. The morning included presentations by St. Pius X students, faculty, and administrators. The students also toured the school campus.

    Global Collaboration Day took place on Thursday, September 15th. The primary goal was to demonstrate the power of global connectivity in the classroom. The 4th and 5th graders participated in a variety of activities: they built structures using pencils and rubber bands, traveled through a virtual map and learned unique facts about a variety of countries, and made kites decorated with the thoughts, dreams, and hopes of each student. Over 2000 students participated in this event.


    Student Council
    Congratulations to the following students who were inducted into our 2016-2017 Student Council.



    On Friday, September 9, 2016 the school started the second year of the “Vocation Chalice” Pledge. At the conclusion of the weekly All-School Mass, one grade-level is chosen to take the "Vocations Chalice" back to class with them. The chalice is displayed in the classroom during the upcoming week and the class says special prayers for vocations. Let's all pray for Vocations.

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